No-Cost Commercial Solar

Save up to 90% on Your Electricity Bills.

Save up to 90% on Electricity Bills with no-money out of pocket.

Do you want to start saving money for your Business, Factory, Church, City or School? We have $2 Billion in Solar Investments Funds. If your building qualifies, you could go solar with no-money out of your pocket, start saving money the first month and continue to save for years to come.

Qualify for our $2 Billion Solar Fund!

1. Do you own the building or have access to the owner?
2. Have you been in business for at least 3 years?
3. Are you planning on keeping your building for at least 10 years?
4. Would you like to save a lot of money on electricity?

"We're not talking about sending you a bill. We're writing you a check!"

>>> Watch the short video with Mayor Bloomberg.

Watch the video from Mayor Bloomberg

"We're not talking about sending you a bill. We're talking about writing you a check!" ~ Carl Pope

Get your Free Assessment Today.

Watch the video from Mayor Bloomberg

"We're not talking about sending you a bill. We're talking about writing you a check!" ~ Carl Pope

Get your Free Assessment Today.

Watch the video from Mayor Bloomberg

"We're not talking about sending you a bill. We're talking about writing you a check!" ~ Carl Pope

Get your Free Assessment Today.

Join Our Solar Revolution & Save!

Now you can go SOLAR and start saving today!

We have a $2 Billion Solar Fund. We use over 150 A-Rated Installers and have them bid on your project to make sure you get the best deal possible.

- Businesses
- Schools
- Factories
- Colleges
- Municipalities

>> See if youR building qualifies

Examples of Solar Projects with No Money Out of Pocket! We can help you too!

We're helping Businesses, Factories, Churches, Car Dealerships, School Districts and more Save Millions of Dollars on Electric bills. Check out some of our featured projects!

We make it easy to Go Solar and Save Big!

We've simplified the process of going solar.

1. Investors Pay for the Solar Energy System.

Solar energy for commercial establishments has become a secure investment. We have $2 Billion in Solar investment funds to pay for your Solar Energy System and all up-front costs. Our Investors benefit by receiving tax credits from the Government and they also receive energy payments from your business. They can be paid back with profits over the first 10 years, and you save money month after month, year after year!

2. You receive Savings for Years!

With our unique program, you start saving money the very first month. You save more each year and a few years down the road, you save up to 90% off your electric bills! 

And again, you pay ZERO dollars out of pocket!

You'll Save up to 90% on Your Electric Bills!

* Year 1 savings: 10%
* Year 2 savings: 12%
* Year 3 savings: 14%
* Year 4 savings: 16%
* Year 5 savings: 18%
* Year 6 savings: 20%
* Year 7 savings: 22%
* Year 8 savings: 24%
* Year 9 savings: 26%
* Year 10 savings: 90%
* Year 11 savings: 90%
* Year 12 savings: 90%
* Year 13 savings: 90%
* Year 14 savings: 90%
* Year 15 savings: 90%
* Year 16 savings: 90%
* Year 17 savings: 90%
* Year 18 savings: 90%
* Year 19 savings: 90%
* Year 20 savings: 90%
* Year 21 savings: 90%
* Year 22 savings: 90%
* Year 23 savings: 90%
* Year 24 savings: 90%
* Year 25 savings: 90%
* Year 26-35 savings: 70% to 90%

Your Panels are Fully Covered for Maintenance for 25 years.

Then they typically can continue to produce 70% to 90% efficiency for another 10 to 15 years. That's even more savings potential for you for many years to come.

This is the closest thing to free money you'll ever see when you join Our Solar Revolution.

In addition to increasing your property value by thousands of dollars and helping the planet, you can also receive good press in your local community.

You pay NOTHING up front, start saving immediately, save more every year... and then you own the solar energy system in approx. 10 years and continue to receive savings for many years ahead.

We have 150 A-Rated Installation Companies (EPCs) Nationwide and we use all Tier 1 Panels with 25 year warranties including Operations & Maintenance Contracts. 

We receive at least 3 bids on every project to make sure you receive the best deal possible. Our bidding platform ensures best pricing.

Each Solar Project has a unique savings scenario which affects the amount of money that your business can save/earn based on: 

A) The utility rate for kilowatts per hour in your area
B) Demand charges & taxes in your area
C) Sunlight hours in your location
D) Additional incentives in your city or state

Let's see if your building qualifies.

It's simple to get started! Just Send us a copy of your Electric Bill to see how much your business can save.

* All solar projects vary in amounts saved.

Example Business Savings $4.6 Million

All projects vary from state to state.

Our Team of over 150 A-Rated National Installers

Here are a few projects that have been installed by our National Network of A-Rated Installers.

1. Beecher Road Woodbridge, CT.

This 247 kW municipal solar energy system was installed in May of 2016. With 900 solar panels, the 2 school campus on Beecher Road in Woodbridge, CT, expects to offset a significant portion of the energy demand for both schools.

The solar power system may also be used as an educational aid.

2. Gengras Motor Cars – East Hartford, CT.

Our EPC Network installed this beautiful Solar PV Array for Gengras Motor Cars at two of their facilities. Using SunPower E-series solar panels, they designed and installed over 400 KW of capacity.

This not only helps the company in realizing the value of solar in immediate monthly energy savings, but it also helps to offset over 334 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

3. Walmart – Newburgh, NY.

On September 28th 2012, Our Solar Installers completed the installation of 430kW commercial solar energy system on Walmart’s Newburgh, New York store.

The turnkey roof top installation took only six weeks to complete. The savings are immense.

4. Greenwich Country Day School, Greenwich, CT.

This 250 kw installation at Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich, CT, using high efficiency SunPower 327 watt modules and SMA Inverters was commissioned in October, 2014.

It's wonderful for the kids to learn about and experience renewable energy while the school saves big on their electric bills.

5. Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Headquarters. Westborough, MA.

This visually-appealing 290 kw consists of 888 SunPower 327 watt photovoltaic modules.

6. Ross School. BridgeHampton, NY.

210 Dark Solon 235-watt panels installed across 5 separate buildings of the Ross School in Long Island, NY.

7. Westport High School, Westport, CT.

System size: 17.2kW.

Helping schools "go green" is one of our passions. Since schools cannot participate in federal tax credits for solar, it makes sense for our solar fund to pay for the solar and share the savings back wit the schools.

And because the school does not have to contribute any money up-front and only enjoys savings, our program is lighting the way for a new and better scholastic America.

Yes, Free Commercial Solar Can Help You Save Big Money!

When people first learn about our program, they sometimes think it sounds "Too good to be true." 

Well, It is Good and it is True.

It makes financial sense for you and for the investors. Yes, it's true that if you qualify for our program, the $2 Billion Solar Fund will pay for your Solar Energy System including all up-front costs.

When the investors buy the system, they will receive the federal tax credit. They will also earn their money back over the first 10 years including a profit.

The great part is that the investors receive profits and you receive savings! It's a Win/Win!

You will not have to pay a penny out of pocket when you qualify for our program.

You will save 10% the first year, 12% the next, 14% the next and so on. Then in 10 years, you will own the system and save up to 90% off your electric bills for the next 20 years or so.  

For example, a $5,000 monthly electric bill becomes $500 per month, a savings of $4,500 monthly.

Your program will vary due to many factors, but that's a common scenario you could experience with our program.

Think about what you can do with your new found money!  Yes, it's Good. And Yes, it's True!