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The New Wave of Solar. We bring together Businesses, Installers, Investors and Big Savings with our 100% "No Money-Out-Of-Pocket" Solar Installations

What makes us special? We have you in mind!

1. Our EPC network has installed hundreds of millions of dollars of solar energy systems.
2. We have access to over $1.2 Billion in commercial solar financing to fund your project.
3. We provide you with a free analysis of how much we can help you save.
4. We get you the best price through our bidding platform. And the investors pay up-front for your Solar.
5. Our 10 year program ensures average savings of 10% the fist year, 12% the next, 14% the next and so on.
6. In 10 years, your business, church, school or organization owns the Solar and enjoys up to 90% savings.
7. The panels are warrantied for 25 years and can produce up to 30 or even 35 years.
8. This results in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in savings for you.
9. Again, you pay ZERO out of pocket and start enjoying savings the very first month.
10. Our platform creates a WIN/WIN for all parties involved, you, the investors, and the installers.

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A Winning Strategy

We get you the best price through our bidding platform. And the investors pay for your Solar. You start saving in month one and your business pays ZERO out of pocket.

With over $1.2 Billing in Solar Investment funds, your business, school district or church can save hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars with absolutely no money out of pocket.

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We're helping Businesses, Factories, Churches, Car Dealerships, School Districts and more Save Millions of Dollars on Electric bills. Check out some of our featured projects!